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Privacy Policy

We are committed to the privacy of your information when you use the openredis Services.

Basically, we don’t let anyone else use it– and certainly not to market to you.

This policy sets forth our privacy policies. This policy is incorporated into the Agreement–the Terms of Use–that governs your use of that service. You can [click here] to read that Agreement.

1. How We Collect Information

We collect information from individuals who visit the openredis website (“Visitors”) and individuals who use the openredis Services (“Customers”). Apart from collecting information when you register, we also use other techniques common in our industry regarding use. These include using cookies or web beacons and also gathering information such as your IP address or information provided by your browser. We also note actions you take on our website or while using the openredis Services.

2. How We Use Information

Basically, we use the information we collection to do what you have asked us to do, such as send you information. We use information such as the actions you take on the website to improve the services we provide. We use credit card information only to check credit and to get paid.

We often take data and aggregate it, with the personally identifiable information excluded from the aggregation. In other words, anyone using the aggregated data cannot figure out who you are, even if they have access to other information about you.

3. We Really Keep Your Information Close

Basically, we don’t share your information with anyone. Really. There are some obvious exceptions–like when we have to use a credit card processing company, but they cannot keep the information to use to market to you. We might have to share your information when someone compels us under legal order. We might have to share some of your information with companies helping us improve our services and the like but, again, they cannot keep or use information to contact you. We might have to let someone else contact you to fix something that is beyond our skill, but we’ll ask permission for doing so. Finally, we might need to use the information ourselves to contact you–because there is a problem with the openredis Services, your account, your Content, your Applications. Obviously, this is the kind of use we need to have.

Now, you might at some point want us to contact you. We will only do so if you give us express permission–like clicking on a button that says something like “Please contact me.” Don’t worry. Only we will do so or someone we have hired to do so and, again, they cannot keep that information to market to you.

4. Bulletin Boards & Blogs

You might participate in one of our blogs or you might refer a friend. In the case of a blog, whatever information you put up on that blog will of course be used by others. We are not responsible for how that information is used by others. We will use the information you provide us in private to get in touch with you in case there is a problem with the blog.

If you refer someone to us, then we will use that name and email address to send an invitation and we will use your name in that invitation. That’s it for the use of that information.

5. When We Change this Privacy Policy

When we change this privacy policy we will post a new version. Those changes will only affect you for actions you take after you have logged into your Account and started to use the openredis Services and not before. It also does not apply to any of your actions prior to that time; they will be affected by the privacy policy version in effect at that time.

6. Do You Want to Contact Us?

If you have any questions for us about this privacy policy then email us at