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Website and API documentation


This guide walks you through the different ways of subscribing.


This guide walks you through the steps required to transfer to openredis from an existing setup.

Disaster Recovery Plans

For cases when imminent storms, or any sort of natural disaster is expected to occur, we temporarily provision redundancy for the instances located in the region's location.

API Access

View your logs, start/stop your instance, bump your redis version, or restore a backup.

Upgrading your instance

This guide explains how upgrading works, and what is required of application owners when upgrading their Redis databases.

Available commands

We use the official Redis distribution and most commands are supported. However, some Redis commands considered dangerous for shared environments have been renamed and are not available in the openredis platform.

Available regions

This page contains information about the regions where our service is available.

Tips for common issues

Some advice for using your openredis instance.