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Available commands

We use the official Redis distribution and most commands are supported. Some Redis commands considered dangerous for shared environments have been renamed and are not available in the openredis platform. Also, the KEYS command is can cause high latency if there many keys in the database, so our customers are encouraged to use the SCAN command instead.

Disabled commands

The following commands have been disabled: CONFIG, SHUTDOWN, BGREWRITEAOF, BGSAVE, SAVE and DEBUG.

Why is the KEYS command bad?

The KEYS command is a great tool for debugging Redis, but it’s not a good idea to make it part of an application. The reason for that has to do with performance: each call to KEYS has to walk the whole keyspace, even if you are targeting a small set of keys. The recommended way for keeping track of keys has always been by using sets or sorted sets. Starting with Redis 3, there’s now the SCAN command, specifically designed for walking the keyspace in a performance and space efficient way.

In our experience helping our customers deal with high latency issues, most often than not the culprit has been the execution of KEYS in production code. We are ready and willing to help everyone transition to use SCAN or a set based solution for solving the exact same problems.

For more information, please check the documentation for KEYS and SCAN.

If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or general feedback, please send them to