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Tips for common issues

Keep in mind some common problems that you may face and some tips about how to solve them. Two common issues have to do with memory limits and client timeouts. Each plan has a memory limit configured, and when the usage goes over 80% of it, we will send you an email alert. It’s perfectly fine if you use 100% of the available memory for your instance, and we will even bump the threshold if you ever surpass it (we do that to make your life easier and avoid data loss); but don’t wait until the last minute to make the needed changes (remove old data, upgrade your instance).

About connected clients: Redis comes with no timeout configured for idle clients. It means that clients will remain connected forever unless you do something about them. We can of course set a timeout for you, but even in that case it’s always good to keep an eye on the number of connected clients your application is using. Sometimes you may add a new feature or a new service that uses Redis and it never issues a QUIT command. Clients start to pile up, and all of a sudden you may get an email alert from us (maybe when you are relaxing by the pool, or having a meal away from home). We will do our best to solve the situation for you, but promise you will check those metrics periodically (by using INFO or by checking your dashboard).

We keep a log of memory usage and number of connected clients which is accessible from the dashboard. Make sure you get used to it!

Server redundancy

Each plan comes with a replica that you can use at will. In your dashboard, you will find information about how to connect to it. It’s a writeable replica, but you should be very careful about writing to it directly. The idea of making it writable has to do with failover, which is not automatic and here you will learn how to do it: if your master server goes down, you can point your application to the replica. Once you are sure your application is no longer trying to connect to the master, you have to promote the replica with the command REPLICAOF NO ONE. Alternatively, you can go to your dashboard, click Options and promote it from there. This is an emergency procedure that hopefully will never be necessary, but keep this information handy just as a precaution.