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This guide explains how upgrading works, and what is required of application owners when upgrading their Redis databases.

How upgrades work

The following lists the process that happens when you upgrade to a new plan:

Note: Before upgrading, you may want to download a backup of your instance since these backups will no longer be accessible to you after upgrading.

  1. A backup process is initiated.
  2. A new Redis database is setup.
  3. That database is set as a read-write replica of your existing plan.
  4. An email is sent to you when your new database has fully been synced with your existing plan.
  5. Your old instance is removed once your app is connected to the new instance.


$ heroku addons:upgrade openredis:small

After you do that, a new instance, with a new URL will be provisioned. Your OPENREDIS_URL will also be updated automatically and your application will be restarted gradually.

Please note that if you’re not using the OPENREDIS_URL variable directly, your application will not get the changes. Update your app first to use OPENREDIS_URL before upgrading, or make sure you change any custom REDIS_URL you are using to the new OPENREDIS_URL value.